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Discover our collection, where comfort, luxury, and sophistication seamlessly come together. We've incorporated an unprecedented amount of lace to enhance its elegance and sensuality, with each piece crafted with meticulous attention to detail. Choose from classic black, light white, or creamy milk tones, perfect for any mood or occasion.

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Black lace glovesBlack lace gloves
Black lace gloves Sale price1,550.00
'PALERMO' milk sconce'PALERMO' milk sconce
'PALERMO' milk sconce Sale price3,000.00
'KYIV' black sconce'KYIV' black sconce
'KYIV' black sconce Sale price3,750.00
'KYIV' panties thong black'KYIV' panties thong black
'KYIV' panties thong black Sale price1,250.00
Black lace stockingsBlack lace stockings
Black lace stockings Sale price2,550.00
'PALERMO' brazilian panties in milk color'PALERMO' brazilian panties in milk color
'BRISBANE' black thong panties'BRISBANE' black thong panties
'BARCELONA' milk thong panties'BARCELONA' milk thong panties
"LIMOGES" set white and with belt"LIMOGES" set white and with belt
'KYIV' пояс для панчох чорний'KYIV' garter belt black
'KYIV' garter belt black Sale price2,400.00
'BARCELONA' black sconce'BARCELONA' black sconce
'BARCELONA' black sconce Sale price3,150.00
'BARCELONA' black boned guipure set'BARCELONA' black boned guipure set
'BARCELONA' garter/stocking belt'BARCELONA' garter/stocking belt
'KYIV' set black with belt'KYIV' set black with belt
'KYIV' set black with belt Sale price7,900.00
'BARCELONA' молочний бра'BARCELONA' milk bra
'BARCELONA' milk bra Sale price3,150.00
'BARCELONA' black garter/stocking belt'BARCELONA' black garter/stocking belt
'BARCELONA' milk set made of guipure on the bones'BARCELONA' milk set made of guipure on the bones
'BARCELONA' black thong panties'BARCELONA' black thong panties
Gloves made of milky laceGloves made of milky lace
Gloves made of milky lace Sale price1,550.00
Milk lace stockingsMilk lace stockings
Milk lace stockings Sale price2,550.00
'PALERMO' garter belt milky'PALERMO' garter belt milky
'PALERMO' garter belt milky Sale price2,500.00
'PALERMO' milk set on thin foam'PALERMO' milk set on thin foam
'LIMOGES' lace white panties'LIMOGES' lace white panties
'LIMOGES' white garter belt'LIMOGES' white garter belt
'LIMOGES' white garter belt Sale price1,100.00
'LIMOGES' white sconce'LIMOGES' white sconce
'LIMOGES' white sconce Sale price2,100.00
'BRISBANE' black garter/stocking belt'BRISBANE' black garter/stocking belt
'BRISBANE' black boned set'BRISBANE' black boned set
'BRISBANE' black boned set Sale price5,400.00
'BRISBANE' lace black sconce'BRISBANE' lace black sconce
'BRISBANE' lace black sconce Sale price2,550.00


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