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'BARCELONA' black boned guipure set

Sale price7,000.00
The size of the sconce:
Size grid for sets


Size Waist circumference Hip girth
XS 58-62 83-87
S 63-67 88-92
M 68-72 93-97
L 73-77 98-102
XL 78-82 103-107
XXL 83-87 108-112



Volume under gr. (cm)

69-72 73-77 78-82 83-87
Cup 70 75 80 85
A 77-80 81-84 85-88 89-92
B 81-84 85-89 89-92 93-96
C 85-88 89-92 93-96 97-100
D 89-92 93-96 97-100 101-104


How to take measurements?

For accuracy of measurements, we recommend taking measurements in other comfortable underwear without a lining . Be relaxed, in a natural position.

Volume under the bust: Wrap a centimeter tape around the body under the bust. Make sure that it lies flat and tight.

Breast volume: Without changing the position, raise the tape to the level of the nipples. It should lie horizontally and freely, without twisting and compression.

Waist circumference: Stand straight, exhale and wrap the measuring tape around your waist. Make sure the tape lies straight, fits the body without being tight.

Thigh circumference: Bring the tape down to the hips, measure around the fullest parts of the thighs. The tape should be horizontal, without twists, fix so that it does not squeeze the hips.

Шоурум: м. Київ, вул. Лютеранська 12
'BARCELONA' black boned guipure set
'BARCELONA' black boned guipure set Sale price7,000.00

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